Come Back, Amelia Bedelia

by Peggy Parish

Paperback, 1995



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HarperCollins (1995), Edition: Reissue, Paperback, 64 pages


Because she does exactly as she is told, Amelia Bedelia is fired from one job after another.

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64 p.; 8.8 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Amelia Bedelia is, well, being herself as usual. She puts cream puffs in the oven and messes things up as usual, but this time, she gets fired. She attempts a string of jobs (hairdresser, dressmaker, file clerk, and secretary) and gets fired from all of them for being herself. She finally heads
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home to fill the cream puffs and is rehired by Mrs. Rogers.
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LibraryThing member ekrzys1
SUMMARY: Amelia Bedelia keeps getting fired from all kinds of jobs and she does not know why. She follows the instructions that are given to her, but follows them literally. She goes through a number of jobs until she finally comes back home, to Mr. and Mrs. Rogers house.

Review: This book is a good
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example of taking things that are said literally. Many children do that, as does Amelia. I think that this book shows that Amelia has good intentions and that she is trying to help, even though she keeps messing things up. It is a silly book that many students would enjoy as a free read.
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LibraryThing member mjhartley
Great for children still learning how to read. Good pictures and easy to follow along.
LibraryThing member dbhutch
In this Amelia Bedlia gets fired from all kinds of jobs. Then goes back to her old job.
LibraryThing member Jourdon
Come Back, Amelia Bedelia is part of the easy reader Amelia Bedelia series. Amelia gets confused easily and finds herself fired and on the job hunt. Amelia trys her luck at cutting hair, sewing,filing, and being a receptionist. Through a series of histarical events, Amelia and Mrs. Rogers realize
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that Amelia is best at being the Rogers' maid. Children will love Amelia's comical mistakes. The text has generally four to five lines per page with an illustration covering a portion of the page. The illustrations clearly show Amelia's mistakes in addition to the other character's frustration. The illustrations are thin lined sketches with bright, vibrant colors and detailed facial expressions. This is a must read for transitional readers.
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LibraryThing member PaigeCostella
Amelia Bedelia goes from job to job but get fired at every job because she misunderstands the boss. Amelia Bedelia takes everything as it sounds and does it to what she thinks is right. This is a very funny book and will entertain the children. It shows just because something may sound as one thing
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it may not be the meaning of it.
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LibraryThing member HillaryBertucci
Peggy Parish really made me smile in this book. It took me back to my childhood in certain pages of the book. My favorite part of this book were the pictures.
LibraryThing member csteve13
Summary: This book is about a family who has an employee named Amelia Bedelia. One morning Amelia puts Mrs. Rogers coffee in her cereal because she takes everything people say literally. Mrs. Rogers gets mad and fires her. Amelia Bedelia goes around the town to find other jobs. The first one she
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finds is a hair shop and by literally pinning a customers hair, she gets fired. The next job is at a dress shop. Amelia Bedelia cuts the bottoms off all the dresses and gets fired. Her third job is as a file clerk and she stamps letters by walking on them and files papers with a nail file. Her final job is at the doctors office where she carries patients around, wears the doctors gloves and tires to give the patient stitches. When she gets fired from that job, she goes back to the Rogers. Mrs. Rogers apologizes for getting so angry and hires Amelia Bedelia back to work for them.

Argument: This book is a great and silly way to show children about following directions. Amelia follows every direction given to her but does it in the literal way instead of what people actually mean. It takes something boring such as talking about directions and turns it funny. In Amelia Bedelia books, children are always wondering what silly things she is going to mess-up next. The message could be how important it is to tell someone exactly what you mean when giving them directions. Teaching children that different people don't always take the same message out of a set of directions is an important thing for them to learn. Another message could show the importance of following directions in general. Amelia Bedelia is also an extremely hard worker even though she doesn't necessarily always do her jobs the correct way. This is another aspect that is great for children to see the importance of handwork.
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LibraryThing member gaylagoff
This is one of the many books in the Amelia Bedelia series. Great book for young children.
LibraryThing member aehunter
Amelia Bedelia's literal senses seem to have backfired this time. While Amelia is doing her job in the most literal sense, Mrs. Rogers is finally fed up and fires her! So Amelia is now on the job hunt, but without luck continues to get fired. In the end she returns to Mrs. Rogers to fill her cream
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puffs and get rehired! WOOHOO!

Teaching Ideas: perseverance, humo
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LibraryThing member BriannaMaeee
Poor Amelia cannot catch a break! This book is very entertaining. She loses her job because of a miscommunication, then goes to another jobs and loses that one too, and the next and the next. This book doesn't actually teach any lessons but its great for entertainment value.
LibraryThing member ccanizales
Amelia Bedelia is getting into trouble again. She literally does everything her employer tells her to do. When she pours coffee in Mrs. Roger's cereal, she is fired. She goes out and searches for a new job, but she can't even last a day on the job. She makes everyone upset. For example, when she is
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asked to stamped letters in an office, she literally stomps on the letters! After trying different jobs, she remembers she has to get muffins out of the oven, so she goes back to her employer's house, as if nothing ever happened. She ends up getting her job as a housekeeper back. This book will make children laugh from beginning to end.
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LibraryThing member SadieCooney
Amelia Bedelia always gives us a fun adventure. This time her boss fires her, but Amelia always does EXACTLY what she wants her to do! Amelia goes job hunting. She tries to be a hairdresser, seamstress, file clerk, and many other failed positions. Each boss is outraged at Amelia's work, but she
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does not understand because she does EXACTLY what they ask of her! She returns to the Rodger's house and they ask her back because they miss her. I love these books because they are fun and an easy read for early readers.
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LibraryThing member margaritamunoz14
This is a fun book. Amelia is a hard worker who takes every order literally after getting fired from her first job she try's to find another but it doesn't go well. After many try's she realizes that she left her muffins in the stove and she comes back and her old boss wants her back. Recommended
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for ages 8 to 11.
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LibraryThing member Sluper1
This book can help early reader strengthen their reading skills. The story includes a lot of humor and detailed illustrations.Amelia does everything she is told by every employer, however, she does what they LITERALLY are telling her do which ends up getting her into sticky situations. For example,
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when she worked at a doctor’s office he told her bring the patients one at the time. The first patient show up and she says: “ I’ll bring her in” and carries the little girl into the doctor’s office. This book uses simple words, nothing too complex, and uses fun and detailed pictures that help tell the story of Amelia getting into things she shouldn't be.
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LibraryThing member lriver5
Great book that can show young readers to listen and follow directions. It is also a easy reader that can help the young reader practice. Illustrated beautifully. Amelia loses her job because she does things EXACTLY as she is told and it doesn't go well. For example, she is asked to give Mrs.
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Rogers some cereal with her coffee so Amelia gives her cereal in her coffee! This continues throughout the book. She eventually gets her job back but still does things LITERALLY.
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LibraryThing member catherineparry
Amelia Bedelia takes everyone at their word.... Exactly. This work of realistic fiction has illustrations in pencil and ink.
LibraryThing member jessiechan
Mrs. Rogers asks Amelia for some coffee with her cereal and Amelia believes she is listening when she pours the coffee in the cereal. Amelia keeps getting things mixed up wherever she goes!




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