Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower (c.1)

by Peggy Parish

Hardcover, 1994



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R Par (c.1)




HarperCollins (1994), Edition: Revised, Paperback, 64 pages


While helping to prepare a surprise shower, Amelia Bedelia and her cousin make some arrangements that are not quite what the guests expected.

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64 p.; 8.8 inches

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LibraryThing member t1bclasslibrary
Amelia Bedelia is in charge of a wedding shower, and you can imagine her interpretation thereof. Luckily, everyone is laughing at Amelia and her cousin, Alcolu (in their bathing suits) by the end- even the wet bride-to-be!
LibraryThing member the_hag
Amelia Bedelia is always a simple, fun and entertaining read! In this volume, we find Amelia and her cousin in charge of setting up a surprise wedding shower for a friend of her employer Mrs. Rogers. In typical Amelia Bedelia fashion, the literal meaning of the requests and orders given and the
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intended meaning are two different things's always fun to watch kids register that the words in the story really do mean two different things (like filling a bowl with cut flowers...simple, yet taken literally, you get something entirely different from it...this is the joy of Parish's writing). Parish always does it with just the right amount of frivolity and light-hearted humor that it's impossible not to love Amelia Bedelia despite all the trouble she causes! I love the Amelia Bedelia series as a read aloud because it's so much fun, but the Amelia Bedelia series is also ideal for young readers, especially those just starting to read on their own! There are not a lot of words on each page, but what is there is easy to understand and conveyed succinctly and with humor and the illustrations are perfectly matched to the text (with a slightly old fashioned feel to them). You just can't go wrong with these books!
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LibraryThing member skeeterbo
It was very funny. I like when Amelia showered Mrs. Rogers with the hose. I liked at the end when the kids held Mr. Rogers' friend down and showered him with the water.
LibraryThing member anncdean
My husband hates this book so much that he has taken on toothbrushing just so he won't get stuck reading it at storytime. He just can't stand the inconsistencies: how does Amelia Bedelia know how to ice cupcakes but not fish? Wouldn't icing fish be more intuitive? It isn't just metaphorical
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language that she has a problem with, such as "run over this tablecloth with an iron." Because then she would put frozen water on the cupcakes.
I am not bothered by this problem. And I enjoy the vision of a life where people have afternoon parties with tea and presents, and where ladies get together and sew, wearing shirtwaist dresses. Does it take place in the South of France? I also like the one lady who wears black, with severe glasses. She looks like a 1996 poststructuralist academic who has wandered into the wedding shower. But a cheery one.
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LibraryThing member KimSiljeg
I love Amelia Bedelia. She is such a funny character! The Amelia Bedelia stories are great books for children beginning to read. I like to read them aloud to students. It is fun to hear their reactions to Amelia Bedelia's misinterpretations and the illustrations are entertaining too.
LibraryThing member PuffyBear
This book is suitable for young children. This book has a funny plot and a clumsy main character called Amelia Bedelia. And how she makes a surprise shower...
LibraryThing member jllwlsh
These books are so funny for kids because they just can't get enough of Amelia's antics. They gain a sense of pride in knowing that what she did was a little backwards and they would "never do such a thing". They also learn lessons in a reverse psychology kind of way, and recognize the endearing
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qualities about Amelia despite her "tragic flaw".
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LibraryThing member PaigeCostella
Amelia Bedelia helps Mrs. Rogers get ready for the surprise shower for her friend who comes over every Tuesday to sew. Amelia Bedelia does all the wrong things, and even things she isn't suppose to do to try and get ready for the shower. When Mrs. Rogers friend shows up Amelia and Alcolu shower her
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with the hose and throw the presents at her, she is very angry. Once more funny and unexpected things start to happen they all forgive Amelia Bedelia and cannot stop laughing. The Amelia Bedelia books are great to read in english when learning about synonyms and homonyms.
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LibraryThing member kdirks1
I myself learned how to read with Amelia Bedelia. She always amazes me. The author is so creative and has a keen ability to put herself in a child's shoes with the confusing English language.
LibraryThing member suzan2
Amelia Bedelia is in charge of a wedding shower that she completely mis reads and does everything opposite of what she is supposed to do. Although everything is different they still have a great time and enjoy it.
LibraryThing member Y-NhiVu
I absolutely love Amelia Bedelia. She is a silly character that can't understand idioms. She took things literally, but then from reading this book, kids can understand figures of speech.
LibraryThing member BriannaMaeee
Amelia just can't get it right! Mrs.Rogers wants to give a wedding shower and Amelia takes it way to seriously! She thinks that Mrs.Rogers wants to give an actual shower, not a party. This would be a cute books to help teach children the different meanings of words.
LibraryThing member pbusto1
In my opinion this book is a good read because, when you are reading it you can easily understand it, and it is very funny. The language is patterned so you know that something is about to happen next which makes it enjoyable. The writing is well paced and there isn't to much going on it is easy to
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follow along and understand why Amelia is doing what she’s doing. The big idea of this book is that Amelia make chocolate covered fish by accident but the guest think its funny and they leave laughing.
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LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
Amelia Bedelia was a staple of my childhood. She was the lady who always got it wrong. But she got it wrong in a funny and lovable way. In this book the surprise shower is a wedding shower. Amelia still thinks it’s a shower with water. She’s asked to scale and ice to fish and covers them in
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chocolate. She’s asked to cut some fresh flowers and she chopped them up in a bowl. It’s a simple word misunderstanding that most kids would have if they didn’t know better. Well Amelia Bedelia is an adult in the book, she has the same qualities and misunderstandings as kids which makes her such a lasting character in our modern society. The story was quite lovely, but it’s a level two I Can Read book, and is more difficult than many other publishers level three and level for readers.
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