Warriors: Forest of Secrets: Book #3

by Erin Hunter

Paperback, 2004



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PB Hun

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PB Hun

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PB Hun




Avon Books (2004), Paperback


The warrior cat Fireheart's determination to uncover the truth about another warrior's death leads him deep into danger, and reveals secrets that test the strength of clan loyalties.


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LibraryThing member jians
In this book Fireheart knows that Tigerclaw is willing to kill Bluestar and become leader, but can Fireheart save Bluestar and the clan while keeping Graystripe close?
LibraryThing member da99
I like this book because it's about Warrior Cats,kittypets,and Fireheart and his faithful friend,Graystripe.Some cats,like Tigerclaw,Longtail,Darkstripe,and Dustpelt don't like him,because of his kittypet roots.
LibraryThing member ArnanKoh
This book is for cat lovers and those who think that cats are organized. In this book, it shows that the Cats have four clan who are not always in peace with each other. Many times, the four clans (ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan) take side with each other and attack one another.
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This book continues the story of Fireheart of the Thundercat clan. At this moment tensions among the four clans is very high, they have just ended a war with each other and have no idea who to trust. For TunderClan at present, they only trust WindClan because they had helped WindClan in a war against ShadowClan and RiverClan. Fireheart who is a warrior is uncertain about the cause of Redtail’s death, the clan’s former deputy. The explanation of Redtail’s death is still mysterious and Fireheart, thinks that the present deputy Tigerclaw is behind it. Because Ravenclaw who is now in hiding told Fireheart a different tale to the Redtail’s death. Fireheart wants to get down to the bottom of this mystery. He searches for answers lead him to the RiverClan and the forest. Fireheart believes that Tigerclaw want to kill the ThunderClan leader Bluestar, so that he can be leader. He tries many times to convince Bluestar, but she refuses to believe him. Fireheart is determined to get proof and goes to the Riverclan, the enemy to get details, this put both him and his good friend Greystripe in trouble with the clan. Prior to that, Greystripe has fallen in love with Silverstream who is from Riverclan. Tension increases when the other clans discover that Bluestar has allowed Brokentail who is the former leader of the ShadowClan and hatred by the other clans because of what he had done, to secretly live even though the other clans want him dead. This causes both WindClan and ShadowClan to attack ThunderClan. Even though TunderClan is able to withstand the attack, tensions are even higher since Thunderclan can now trust no one. Fireheart’s fears about Tigerclaw become true when Tigerclaw bring in some Rogue cats to attack Thunderclaw and he himself tries to kill Bluestar. Fireheart saves her and the clan is saved by the intervention of RiverClan. Tigerclaw’s treason is made known and is force to leave the camp. In Summery, At the end, Tigerclaw is exiled, some of his loyal support later follow him because they did not want to take orders from Fireheart who had become the deputy in place of Tigerclaw, Silverstream dies during childbirth, the Kits are returned to RiverClan and Greystripe who is overcomed by grieve of Silverstream’s death forsakes his clan and goes to RiverClan to be with his Kits, and lastly, Yellowfang, poisons Brokentails and reveals to him that she is his mother. The book ends with sadness and doubt of the future of the ThunderClan.

This book is an eye open. It revealed to me that Fantasy does not have to be only elves dwarf and men. I think Erin Hunter did a marvelous job. I recommend this book to all booklovers who enjoy fantasy, action and mystery.
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LibraryThing member Rainclaw
I am so relieved that Tigerclaw was exiled but I can't believe that Graystripe left to go to Riverclan.
LibraryThing member mr17
very good book if your like cats, and like adventure.
LibraryThing member kimmiesh123
In this book Fireheart goes deeper into his clans history to the time he joined.Fireheart has his suspitions on Tigerclaw,already worrying about Graystripe secretly meeting with a Riverclan cat.Fireheart learns the tearifieing truth that Tigerclaw killed Redtail(Thunderclans old deputy,died when
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fireheart just jioned)and drove out even his apprentice Ravenpaw.Fireheart goes to Bluestar to find out about her past to find her kits are with Riverclan(Mistyfoot and Stonefur).At the end Tigerclaw plans an attack on his own clan with rogues.I highly recommend this book for cat lovers.(btw I'm as far as going on to Starlight in the 2nd series,but I'm reading Bluestar's Prophecy).
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LibraryThing member Kata18
I like animal books and fantasy books and this book combines them together. It's quite good.
LibraryThing member billybobjoeysileo
fireheart has proof that tigerclaw is treacherous, he killed redtail and got rid of ravenpaw. he gos to his leader and finds out she has kids, mistyfoot and stonefur.then tigerclaw tries to attack his own clan with rogues(cats without clans)
LibraryThing member KendallR
In this book, Fireheart is not trusted by Tigerclaw and his clanmates. In the book before, Warriors 2, at the end, Tigerclaw sees Fireheart let go Silverstream, Graystripe's love. But how could Fireheart hurt her?
But that is the past. In this book, Fireheart reveals all of Tigerclaw's secrets -
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straight into the open........
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LibraryThing member MrsKroeger
this was also an awesome book!!!
LibraryThing member Muv1
Fireheart finds out big secrets that can danger the clan. Will he survive? An awesome story about cats surviving in the forest, protecting their clans.
LibraryThing member benuathanasia
Such a beautiful, imaginative series. I choose to believe this is what happened to my Taz after she went missing. I can easily picture her being Shadow Clan.
LibraryThing member TnTexas
I appreciated the fact that this book stands well on its own, despite the fact that it's part of a series with a continuing storyline. In other words, you can read it on its own and still feel like you've read a complete story instead of only part of one. Obviously reading the previous books makes
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the reading experience a bit richer, but still .....

Anyway, overall this is a well-paced, suspenseful book that my kids and I thoroughly enjoyed.
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LibraryThing member JuliaW.G3
Fireheart knows the story Ravenpaw told him was true, and now that Tigerclaw was deputy nobody, not even Bluestar will belief him. Fireheart had to deal with him later, after all he has a apperentice, Cinderpaw, who was really hyper and didn't listen well. Fireheart woke up to hear that ShadowClan
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cats have crossed the border and stole prey and Tigerclaw had to see Bluestar by th Thunderpath. But Bluestar couldn't, she was to sick with greencough, glad Fireheart told Cinderpaw to stay in the camp while he goes to Tigerclaw, but she objected and snuck out to confront Tigerclaw herself. When Fireheart came he saw Cinderpaw on the ground all bloody, she was hiit by a monster and guess who was just staring at her Tigerclaw. Fireheart was sure this meeting was a trap for Buestar to be attacked by Tigerclaw, get hit by a monster, and then Tigerclaw would be the new leader of ThunderClan. Yellowfang told Fireheart that she might not ever be able to start training again, mortified but not for long because Bluestar recovered and gave Sandpaw and Dustpaw thier warriror name, Sandstorm and Dustpelt. Fireheart just got another big secret dumped on him, Graystripe fell in love with a RiverClan she cat, Silverstream, to make things worse ThunderClan started a battle with RiverClan and he was about to kill her but then seen the horrified look on Graystripe and let her go. But Tigerclaw seen that and wanted to punish Fireheart.

My opinion of this book was great, (you might want to get used to that because I am going to think all of the books will be great.) The book was always in the action and secrets which was a lot for our new warrior Fireheart. But the part that I think gets everyone is when Cinderpaw gets hit by a monster (which is a car.) One thing that I can't stand in book series, are the dramatic part of like the character keeps saying on how he/s wants to really tell someone but just can't, it's irritating. But my opinion Mr. Pope is you... should... really... read this SERIES!
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LibraryThing member Sheila1957
Book 3 in the first Warriors series. Fireheart is in trouble all over. He has voiced his suspicions to Bluestar. His disappearances have been noticed by Tigerclaw. He is breaking the warrior code by helping another Clan. His kin, Cloudkit, is disrespectful. His friend Graystripe is breaking the
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rules. What is he to do?

The action picks up in this book. There is a lot of alliances being made. Sometimes it feels as if Machiavelli is teaching these cats. I like these characters. Fireheart is compassionate, kind, caring, truth seeker, observant, but won't take anyone's guff. He knows when to hold his tongue. In the end he is right and has held to his warrior code and values.

I'm interested in seeing how Fireheart's compassion and caring is used in the series and where it goes. I also want to know what happens to Graystripe and the rogues as well as Yellowfang. I am really getting into these characters. I laugh and I cry with them. Now I need to get my niece to give me book 4 to find out.
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LibraryThing member ywoo
In this book Tigerclaw attacked the Thunderclan Leader, Bluestar. Because Tigerclaw attacked here she believed Fireheart words that were there is something strange of the Tigerclaw. This story is basically of this event.
LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
A great book, as are all the Warriors Saga books. The Original Saga are my favorite, this being one of them
LibraryThing member chuff
A ton of action in the last 4-5 chapters. Another great installment.
These first 3 books could function as a trilogy
LibraryThing member kenzie12368
This book was sooooo awesome! There was lots of thrilling moments that are to amazing to describe!!!!!!!!!!!
LibraryThing member Bookslesstravelled
A great book, as are all the Warriors Saga books. The Original Saga are my favorite, this being one of them


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