Essays on a Science of Mythology

by Carl G. Jung

Other authorsCarl Kerényi (Author)
Book, 1969



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Princeton University Press (1969), Edition: Reprint, 208 pages

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208 p.; 8.07 inches

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Jaspers, Stekel, Adler, Freud, Jung...???: Certainly not to "praise great men," which is anathema to me, but to trace and track the "development of psychology." That is why I have observed its serpentine journey throughout history, slinking as far back as Heraclitus, now rising up into the Aquarian
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Age, right through Pisces, which brings us to the next development in psychology, Archetypal Psychology, as presented by James Hillman, Jung's worthy successor, which leads the "pupil" for "dominating spirit" to "receptive soul" and beyond, or below, to an ultimately gracious union of the two. At the end of this book by the two Carls, Kerenyi says, "Miracle DO happen in Eleusis," and Eleusis, like Utopia, like the Realm of the Mothers, like the Spirit Realm, is DOWN, the very direction in which Hillman points, always, as does Joseph Campbell, e.g., "If you are falling...DIVE!"
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