The Nose Book

by Al Perkins

Board book, 2003



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Random House Books for Young Readers (2003), 24 pages


Noses are interesting and serve many purposes including the one of holding up glasses.

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LibraryThing member JDHensley
This story was about how every animal and person has different noses. Some noses on animals are different colors and different lengths. This story teaches children that every animal and person are created differently. It also teaches children to get along with everyone no matter if they have long
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noses or short noses or if they have different colors of noses.
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LibraryThing member jackiee89
Summary: This book is about different kinds of noses. It has and explains that noses come in different shape, form, colors, people and animals.

Personal: I love all the Dr. Seuss's book. This was a very simple way of describing one of the five senses.

Classroom: When a lesson on senses is given,
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this is a good book to teach and show the students. You can have the students participate every time the word "nose" pops up and have them point to where it is on their body.
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LibraryThing member brankacheek
This poem talks about different types of noses, uses of noses, and why we need noses.

Personal Reaction:
This was one of my sons favorite books when he was little. It also seemed to be a favorite when I read it to a group of 2-3 year olds for my service learning assignment. The illustrations
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are great and the rhymes flow very well.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. I could use this book to introduce a lesson on animals. We could talk about how different animals use their noses. For example, elephants use their noses to pick up water and other objects.
2. The students could draw a picture of their own nose and list its functions.
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LibraryThing member jimmaclachlan
Another of the 4 that Marg bought for the upcoming grandmonster. I've never read this one before. Not bad, but not my favorite. Good pictures, but the words didn't suck me in. I do like the thick cardboard pages.
LibraryThing member LisaMarie214
Great book! I read this book to kindergarten and they loved it! It talks about all the different types of noses and why people need to have a nose.


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2003 (board book)

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5.75 inches


0375824936 / 9780375824937

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