Plank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood

by Scott Haugen

Paper Book, 2004


Call number

Special Equipment -- HAU

Call number

Special Equipment -- HAU


Frank Amato Publications, Inc. (2004), Spiral-bound, 152 pages


From elegant restaurants to backyard grills, the ancient method of cooking food on a wooden plank is a cooking style that's rapidly growing in popularity. When it comes to capturing the essence of natural wood and unparalleled texture in meats, vegetables, and other culinary delights, nothing compares to plank cooking. In Plank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood, globe-trotting authors, Scott & Tiffany Haugen, share some of the world's most exquisite flavors. Thai red curry prawns, Achiote pork roast, pesto couscous stuffed chicken, and caramelized bananas are just a few of the unique recipes brought to life in this fully illustrated, one-of-a-kind book. In the oven or on a grill, plank cooking is fun and simple. This book outlines how to master the art of plank cooking -- from seasoning planks to detailed cooking tips in over 100 easy-to-follow recipes. Though exotic tastes prevail, the ingredients used in this book are easy to find in most grocery stores. So whether you're hosting a large backyard BBQ, or just trying to satisfy the finicky eaters in your family, you will find many great meals in Plank Cooking: The Essence of Natural Wood. Book jacket.… (more)

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152 p.; 9 inches

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