The Grilling Encyclopedia: An A - Z Compendium on How to Grill Almost Anything

by A. Cort Sinnes

Hardcover, 1992


Call number

Reference - Culinary -- SIN

Call number

Reference - Culinary -- SIN


Atlantic Monthly Pr (1992), Edition: First Edition, Hardcover, 351 pages


A practical, step-by-step guide to grilling over 250 different kinds of food--from vegetables, wild game, and all varieties of fish and fowl to the old standards: steaks, roasts, sausages (over 50 varieties), and hamburgers--with information on: *┬ĚSelecting the best food to grill and preparing it *The number of coals to use and the optimum fire temperature *Using direct and indirect heat *How to tell when the food is done *Suitable marinades, sauces, side dishes, and beverages A practical manual, intended for the home cook using the most readily available equipment, supplies, and ingredients, The Grilling Encyclopedia is a book that anyone can pick up, follow, and use to successfully prepare a fresh, tasty grilled meal.

Physical description

351 p.; 9.4 inches

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