Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping

by Estelle Woods Wilcox

Paperback, 2010


Call number

American - Midwest -- WIL

Call number

American - Midwest -- WIL


Nabu Press (2010), Paperback, 468 pages


Originally published in 1877, this facsimile edition of one of the premier cookbooks from the nineteenth century covers all facets of cooking and housekeeping including breadmaking, cakemaking, confectionary, canning fruits, catsups and sauces, ices and ice cream, pastry, puddings, preserves, soups, management of help, carving, cutting and curing meats, hints for the well and for the sick, and medical and floral advice. By the second edition this collection of recipes from housewives and homemakers all across the country had sold more than 25,000 copies. Included are recipes from women of all walks of life from all across the country, including the wives of state governors (Mrs. Bradley of Nevada contributed a chili recipe). There's even a recipe from Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes. The book's popularity was not limited to Ohio or the mid-West.… (more)


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468 p.; 9.68 x 7.44 inches
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