Mexican Everyday

by Rick Bayless

Other authorsChristopher Hirsheimer (Photographer), Deann Groen Bayless (Contributor)
Hardcover, 2005


Call number

Latino, South American -- BAY

Call number

Latino, South American -- BAY


W. W. Norton (2005), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 336 pages


In his previous books, Rick Bayless transformed America's understanding of Mexican cuisine, introducing authentic dishes and cooking methods as he walked readers through Mexican markets and street stalls. As much as Rick loves the bold flavors of Mexican foods, he understands that preparing many Mexican specialties requires more time than most of us have. Mexican Everyday is written with the time sensitivities of modern life in mind. It is a collection of 90 full-flavored recipes?ike Green Chile Chicken Tacos, Shrimp Ceviche Salad, Chipotle Steak with Black Beans?hat meet three criteria for "everyday" food: 1) most need less than 30 minutes' involvement; 2) they have the fresh, clean taste of simple, authentic preparations; and 3) they are nutritionally balanced, full-featured meals?o elaborate side dishes required. Companion to a thirteen-part public television series, this book provides dishes you can eat with family and friends, day in and day out.… (more)


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336 p.; 9.2 inches

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