Walkerswood Caribbean Kitchen

by Virginia Burke

Paperback, 2001


Call number

Jamaican, Caribbean -- BUR

Call number

Jamaican, Caribbean -- BUR


Simon & Schuster UK (2001), Paperback, 80 pages


Caribbean cooking is gaining recognition as a distinct cooking style. Dishes such as Jerk Chicken are turning up on menus far and wide. It's a fairly robust cuisine and plentiful use is made of the fearsome scotch bonnet pepper. All the traditional island recipes are here: Dip and Fall Back (mackerel with coconut sauce), Stamp and Go (saltfish fritters), Jerk, Chicken Rundown and Pepperpot Soup. As well as wonderful photographs of the food itself, Walkerswood Caribbean Cooking is enlivened with specially commissioned location shots of the sunny, smiling Caribbean. Finally the reader is urged to do as they do in the islands: pump up the stereo with some Caribbean rhythms, lay the table with some vibrant Caribbean colours and cook up a feast. "You'll soon find," says the author, "it's no problem!"… (more)

Physical description

80 p.; 8.6 inches

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