The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook: 150 Recipes for Healthy Living

by Judith Finlayson

Paperback, 2008


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Rice, Beans, Grains, Corn -- FIN

Call number

Rice, Beans, Grains, Corn -- FIN


Robert Rose (2008), Edition: illustrated edition, Paperback, 288 pages


Discover the delights of cooking with whole grains. U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend that adults consume at least three servings of whole grains every day. Fortunately, whole grains are delicious -- as enjoyed in the outstanding and healthy recipes found in Judith Finlayson's The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook. The flavors of whole grains vary from earthy to nutty and sweet. All can be appetizing on their own, marry well with a wide variety of seasonings, and add taste and texture to any dish. They also provide a variety of benefits such as reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. In this new book, Judith Finlayson includes whole grains from amaranth and buckwheat to Job's tears, quinoa and wild rice. There is information on each grain's origins along with its culinary and nutritional profile, buying and storage guidelines, and cooking methods. Among the delicious and wholesome recipes: For breakfast or brunch: buttermilk buckwheat pancakes; old-fashioned cornbread For a departure from workweek fare: lemon lover's tabbouleh; Asian spiced beef with soba noodles; wheat berry salad with arugulav Delectable main dishes: barley jambalaya; peppery shrimp with couscous; steak and mushroom pie with barley in whole F wheat crust Yummy desserts: gingery shortbread; deep-dish apple pie with streusel topping; brown bread ice cream. Each recipe includes a complete nutritional analysis. With tips for preparation and extensive sidebars, The Complete Whole Grains Cookbook guarantees a delicious and nutritious meal.… (more)

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288 p.; 10.5 inches

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