Vegetarian Classics: 300 Essential Recipes for Every Course and Every Meal

by Jeanne Lemlin

Hardcover, 2001


Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- LEM

Call number

Vegetarian, Vegan -- LEM


HarperCollins (2001), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 304 pages


Jeanne Lemlin sets the standard for accessible and appealing vegetarian cooking. Vegetarian Classics is Jeanne's most useful and comprehensive book to date: an essential collection of 300 no-fail recipes for soups, salads, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, calzones, casseroles, stir-fries, stove-top dishes, sides, snacks, desserts, and breakfasts. Each recipe is deeply satisfying and surprisingly simple, reflecting Jeanne's trademark dedication to uncomplicated techniques and unparalleled flavor.

Physical description

304 p.; 9.4 inches

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