Veneto: Authentic Recipes from Venice and the Italian Northeast (Italian Regional Recipes)

by Julia della Croce

Paperback, 2003


Call number

Italian -- CRO

Call number

Italian -- CRO


Chronicle Books (2003), Edition: First Edition, Paperback, 168 pages


Most everyone is familiar with the enchanting city of Venice, but the Veneto region of Italy also lays claim to rich deltas of rice, olive groves and vineyards, fertile flatlands, and one of the most dramatic mountainscapes anywhere in the world. Naturally, this would create a wealth of cherished culinary traditions. The authentic Veneto kitchen merges its ancient heritage with humble ingredients, producing one of the most fascinating cuisines in Italy. Julia della Croce shares the origins of over 60 recipes as she takes the reader on a glorious visual and culinary tour of the Veneto. Belluno's pillow-shaped pasta stuffed with beets and sprinkled with poppyseeds reveals Austrian influences, while a meal of roasted turkey topped with pomegranate sauce is a sure indicator that it's time to celebrate the fall harvest. Handy lists of charming places to stay, local festivals and cooking classes, plus evocative photos of the food and countryside will inspire anyone to plan their next vacation to the Veneto. Until then, this beloved region is as close as the kitchen.… (more)

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168 p.; 8.76 inches

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