Contorni: Authentic Italian Side Dishes for All Seasons

by Susan Simon

Paperback, 2003


Call number

Italian -- SIM

Call number

Italian -- SIM


Chronicle Books (2003), Paperback, 132 pages


Discover contorni-the delicious side dishes of Italy-in this wonderful cookbook of over 60 recipes from Susan Simon, author of Insalate. Made with the freshest vegetables, these little dishes follow the seasons to take advantage of each ingredient at its most flavorful. From spring vegetable tarts-Crostate di Verdure Primaverili-to a colorful blend of winter carrots and celery root-Carote e Sedano-Rapa alla Nonna Silvera-each recipe uses ingredients that canbe easily found at the local grocery. Photographs illustrate beautiful Italian countryside, street markets, and perfectly ripe vegetables, and showcase the mouthwatering recipes. With Contorni, side dishes are no longer an afterthought, they are the perfect accompaniment.

Physical description

132 p.; 9 inches

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