Pasta e Verdura: 140 Vegetable Sauces for Spaghetti, Fusilli, Rigatoni, and All Other Noodles

by Jack Bishop

Paperback, 2000


Call number

Sauces, Salsas -- BIS

Call number

Sauces, Salsas -- BIS


William Morrow Cookbooks (2000), Paperback, 336 pages


Pasta e Verdura - "noodles and vegetables" - offers 140 easy and elegant recipes inspired by the healthy, delicious pasta dishes of Italy. Included are imaginative recipes for your favorite vegetables, from A to Z, including Braised Artichokes with Tomatoes and Thyme; Stewed Eggplant with Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Green Olives; Leeks Sauteed in White Wine with Parmesan and Parsley; and Caramelized Radicchio with Balsamic Vinegar. For each sauce Jack Bishop suggests the perfect shape of pasta: Peeled Fava Beans with Red Onion, White Wine, and Mint are ideal for farfalle; Hearty Carrot and Lentil Sauce with Tomatoes is suited for tubular pastas like penne; and Blanched Kale with Garlic-Roasted Potatoes is best served on spaghetti.

Physical description

336 p.; 9.2 inches

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