The World of Jewish Entertaining: Menus and Recipes for the Sabbath, Holidays, and Other Family Celebrations

by Gil Marks

Hardcover, 1998


Call number

Jewish -- MAR

Call number

Jewish -- MAR


Simon & Schuster (1998), Hardcover, 416 pages


In this beautiful new book, acclaimed author and chef Rabbi Gil Marks offers a complete guide to entertaining for Jewish holidays and other family celebrations. From the time Abraham and Sarah entertained passing strangers in their simple tent, hospitality has been a significant aspect of Jewish life. For generations, Jewish parents have taught their children how to create a traditional home, passing down many lifetimes of accumulated wisdom along with their family recipes. But as the world changes, Jewish entertaining changes too. Modern Jews want to add exciting new dishes to their traditional menus and they want a practical guide to serving elegant meals whether for a large crowd or an intimate gathering. Now, in the only book of its kind, "The World of Jewish Entertaining" demystifies the experience of entertaining. Marks presents a "Guide for the Perplexed Host," practical advice, easy-to-follow recipes for a wide variety of dishes from the most homey and traditional foods to haute cuisine, and complete menus for a Sephardic Seder a Baby-Naming Breakfast an Eclectic Purim Feast an All-Dessert Bar or Bat Mitzvah a Midd… (more)

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416 p.; 9.5 inches

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