Hubert Keller's Souvenirs: Stories and Recipes from My Life

by Hubert Keller

Other authorsPenelope Wisner
Hardcover, 2012


Call number

Individual Chef -- KEL

Call number

Individual Chef -- KEL


Andrews McMeel Publishing (2012), Hardcover, 340 pages


Souvenirs is a memoir cookbook written by the multitalented Hubert Keller: chef, restaurateur, and Frenchman. Through personal stories and 120 recipes, the book explores his classical training and traces his development as a creative superstar chef. Keller apprentices in a Michelin three star-rated restaurant at the age of 16. He moves from his native Alsace, to southern France, and is inspired by the cuisine of the sun while working with the great French chefs of his time, Roger Vergé, Paul Bocuse, and Gaston Lenôtre. He learns to adapt to challenging new environments in South America, and the United States, and charts his own path into the newest frontiers of the restaurant business. The book is organized by seminal themes in his life; it starts with his family in France, and ends back there in the "Holiday" chapter. The myriad recipes, which have been adapted for the home cook, are intertwined with 125 of Eric Wolfinger's luscious images of family and friends, food and cuisine, and the places and landscapes of France, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, which all make up chef Keller's life.… (more)


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340 p.; 11.1 inches

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