Wok Every Day

by Barbara Grunes

Paperback, 2003


Call number

Special Equipment -- GRU

Call number

Special Equipment -- GRU


Chronicle Books (2003), Edition: First edition., Paperback, 224 pages


The concept is simple: one wok, many meals, all of them perfectly done. Arguably the only pan you really need, the wok is the kitchen chameleon capable of turning out not just stir-fries, but everything from pub-style fish and chips to, yes, chocolate cake. The wok can do it all, and do it well - whether it's sizzling up crunchy polenta fries, steaming succulent Swordfish Margarita with Papaya Salsa, braising delicious Curried Beef with Basmati Pilaf, or smoking Chicken with Fig Confit.And imagine popping a warm homemade jelly doughnut into your mouth! With plenty of traditional stir-fry recipes, advice on choosing the right wok and accessories, and tips on proper wok upkeep,Wok Every Day makes it easy to wok like a gourmet.

Physical description

224 p.; 8.98 inches

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