What Einstein Kept Under His Hat: Secrets of Science in the Kitchen

by Robert L. Wolke

Other authorsMarlene Parrish (Contributor)
Paperback, 2012


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Food Science -- WOL

Call number

Food Science -- WOL


W. W. Norton & Company (2012), Edition: 1, Paperback, 496 pages


Have you ever wondered why onions make us cry? Do you believe bananas contain more calories as they ripen and get sweeter? This sequel to the best-selling What Einstein Told His Cook continues Robert L. Wolke's investigations into the science behind our foods. In response to ongoing questions from readers of his nationally syndicated Washington Post column, "Food 101," Wolke debunks misconceptions with reliable, commonsense logic. And for exceptionally inquisitive cooks and scientists, he offers "Sidebar Science" features, which dig more deeply into the chemical processes that underlie food and cooking. Above all, What Einstein Kept Under His Hat provides indispensable information that will make readers better shoppers, cooks, and eaters.


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496 p.; 5.43 inches

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