The New Persian Kitchen

by Louisa Shafia

Hardcover, 2013


Call number

Middle Eastern -- SHA

Call number

Middle Eastern -- SHA


Ten Speed Press (2013), Edition: 1, Hardcover, 208 pages


"This luscious and contemporary take on the alluring cuisine of Iran from cookbook author Louisa Shafia features 75 recipes for both traditional Persian dishes and modern reinterpretations using Middle Eastern ingredients. Louisa Shafia, author of the award-winning Lucid Food,explores her heritage while bringing a healthy and vibrant perspective to Persian recipes that might otherwise rely too heavily on white sugar and heavy oils for flavor. This colorful cookbook demystifies unfamiliar ingredients like rosewater, dried limes, and sumac; provides a comprehensive resources section; and offers helpful substitutions. The recipes–such as Jeweled Rice, Pomegranate Soup, and Saffron Ice Cream–range from starters to sweets and employ simple techniques and preparations, making this exotic, beautiful, and ancient cuisine accessible to the home cook."… (more)


Physical description

208 p.; 8.79 inches

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