A Gracious Plenty

by John T. Edge

Hardcover, 1999


Call number

American - Southern -- EDG

Call number

American - Southern -- EDG


Putnam Adult (1999), Hardcover, 365 pages


"A sweeping, eclectic look at Southern food traditions. The reminiscences by Southern writers...and cookbook authors...are delightful pauses. What a shame it would be if these recipes were lost. Thankfully, Mr. Edge and his colleagues have given [them] one more chance to survive." (New York Times) "A cookbook you will enjoy from cover to cover." (Dallas Morning News) "There have been many, many cookbooks about the food of the former Confederacy. But A Gracious Plenty...trumps them all." (Wall Street Journal) "These dishes, from real home cooks, are simple and dependable." (Publishers Weekly) "I loved the Depression-era photos and the memory pieces from regional writers." (Food and Wine)

Physical description

365 p.; 9.1 inches

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