The Cuisine of California

by Worthington

Paperback, 1977


Call number

American - Pacific Northwest -- WOR

Call number

American - Pacific Northwest -- WOR


Tarcher (1977), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 284 pages


Widely acknowledged as the bible of a culinary movement, The Cuisine of California is the book savvy cooks across the country turn to again and again for recipes that set the standard. This seminal cookbook lets you prepare incredible meals in the style made famous by Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, and other world-class California chefs. Founded on the freshest possible ingredients and influenced by the vibrant culinary traditions of Thailand, Mexico, China, the Middle East, Japan, France, and Italy, California cuisine launched more than a revolutionary style of cooking-it spawned an entirely new appreciation for food. Of course you don't need to live on the West Coast to revel in these simple, healthful dishes. From appetizers of Spicy Lemon Shrimp and colorful salads such as Orange, Kiwi, and Jicama with Lime Dressing to savory entrees of Scallops with Fresh Tomatoes, Herbs, and White Wine and indulgent desserts such as Chocolate-Caramel Walnut Torte, here is a complete collection of impeccable favorites. Book jacket.… (more)

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284 p.; 9 inches

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