The Cuisine of California

by Worthington

Paperback, 1977


Call number

American - Pacific Northwest -- WOR

Call number

American - Pacific Northwest -- WOR


Tarcher (1977), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 284 pages


Chronicle Books is proud to bring back this beloved cookbook, as user-friendly as it is inspiring. Diane Worthington is a leader in the cooking style known as California cuisine. Trained at the Cordon Bleu, she distills her expert knowledge of European and American culinary traditions into a way of cooking and a range of mouthwatering dishes that are at once innovative and classical. Using time-honored techniques and unexpected ingredients, the focus is on freshness and flavor, bringingCalifornia cuisine to home kitchens everywhere. A book that readers swear by, with a fresh new jacket,The Cuisine of California is back by overwhelming demand.

Physical description

284 p.; 9 inches

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