Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue

by John Shelton Reed

Other authorsWilliam McKinney (Contributor), Dale Volberg Reed
Hardcover, 2008


Call number

Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, BBQ -- REE

Call number

Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, BBQ -- REE


The University of North Carolina Press (2008), Edition: 1St Edition, Hardcover, 328 pages


North Carolina is home to the longest continuous barbecue tradition on the North American mainland. Authoritative, spirited, and opinionated (in the best way), Holy Smoke is a passionate exploration of the lore, recipes, traditions, and people who have helped shape North Carolina's signature slow-food dish. Three barbecue devotees, John Shelton Reed, Dale Volberg Reed, and William McKinney, trace the origins of North Carolina 'cue and the emergence of the heated rivalry between Eastern and Piedmont styles. They provide detailed instructions for cooking barbecue at home, along with recipes for the traditional array of side dishes that should accompany it. The final section of the book presents some of the people who cook barbecue for a living, recording firsthand what experts say about the past and future of North Carolina barbecue. Filled with historic and contemporary photographs showing centuries of North Carolina's "barbeculture," as the authors call it, Holy Smoke is one of a kind, offering a comprehensive exploration of the Tar Heel barbecue tradition.… (more)


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328 p.; 9.7 inches

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